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The Brief

Create a short animated B2B brand film to promote TradeCloud’s new on-line platform.



All the artwork and characters were created, in-house, from scratch

Sound Design

Subtle sound design plays such an important part, without it the nostalgic humour would be lost 


The great thing about animation is you can do things and go places you might not be able to do with Live action

Let Us


With most things that are NEW we often need to understand How It Works. TradeCloud commissioned us to produce a slate of 10 films that walked their customers through how to use their new platform

Virtual Reality

For LME week TradeCloud wanted a creative way to show new clients a small selection of their Explainer films, highlighting how simple their new platform is to use

We created a Virtual Reality experience that put users in TradeCloud's animated Top Secret Bunker (based on the launch film) where they get a short tour, meet TT-3000 and watch highlights of the Explainer films

The Trailer

We created a trailer for TradeCloud's email campaign in the run up to LME week. We used a mix of shots from the experience and the original launch film


TradeCloud have adopted the original characters and animation style we created as part of an ongoing campaign

After the email campaign TradeCloud had more than doubled their appointments for LME week

Since going live the launch film had been shared over 500,00 times


The Brief

TradeCloud's CEO and COO talk about their company's aspirations and success. 


Live Action

We've had the pleasure of working with TradeCloud on a slate of successful projects, from Promo films to Explainer films and even Virtual Reality films. So when they contacted us for a new film we suggested we go LIVE ACTION

We felt it was time to pull back the curtain and introduce the people behind TradeCloud. Now, it did take a little arm twisting but our thought process was this particular message would be best received when heard directly from the Matthew and Simon.

The Shoot

As TradeCloud is a Swiss based company, but travel frequently, we managed to get Matthew and Simon for one day in an East London studio before they bounded off to more meetings. We had a great location with fantastic natural lighting. We used two RED RAVENS, one mounted on a motorised track for that subtle but cinematic camera movement.

We needed enough space to frame our interviewees keeping in mind we'd be adding graphics in post-production. It was vital that we had enough space to accommodate kit, crew and interviewees.  It was also crucial the location reflected TradeCloud's ethos as a modern and bold space.

Post - Prod

As they say this is where the magic happens. Using After Effects we added graphics to help emphasise parts of what's being said. We didn't want to add your "run of the mill" graphics we wanted gravitas! Our idea was to give a sense the graphics being in the room too, hence some graphics will cast a shadow or be "in" or "out" of focus depending on which camera we're on. 


The day, and project, was a success we produced a total of FOUR separate films ranging from TradeClouds Vision to different aspects of TradeClouds platform.