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The Brief

Microvision wanted a branded content film to get people excited about their new range of pocket projectors, great for watching movies while on the go


Projection Mapping with difference

There had been a lot of amazing projection mapping videos, and we wanted to take that concept and move it on -  do something innovative and not seen before. 

The simple concept of a projected cops and robbers chase was a hit and went viral reaching over 2.3 millions hits in over a week. Speed of Light has had airplay on French and Japanese mainstream TV and also picked up two Webby Award nominations for Best Viral and Best Branded Content.

It's not easy

being green

All elements of the action had to be filmed on green screen and then re-purposed in post-production to create the camera angels we needed for the epic chase sequences. We used a green treadmill for the live-action and models to simulate running and wheel spins