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how to squeeze the most from your video footage.

As editors our job is to craft the footage we're given into something watchable. Most of the time we're trying to tell a story, convey a message or sell you an idea / product. That's a lot to do especially as we've usually got between 30-120 seconds to do so...

are showreels pointless?

Since running Theory Films and other production companies over the years I’ve had the dubious honour of editing together more showreels than I want to think about...

are videos getting shorter?

In short... YES! In the fast paced world of marketing, video is getting BIGGER while at the same time they are getting shorter...

our top 7 websites that inspire us.

It can be hard finding inspiration, especially when you're in an office environment most of the day, digging deep trying to come up with that next awesome short film or developing a creative idea...

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We are an award winning video production company based in south west London. We produce the following films;

Video production   Corporate video   Corporate video production   Brand Films   Brand video   Travel films   Explainer films   Animation   Motion Graphics   animation Films   Virtual Reality experiences   Virtual Reality VR   360 Video   360 films   Aerial filming   Pre production   production   Video production London   Video production south west london   Video production England   Video production UK   Animation films London   Sales films   Internal communication films   External communication films   TV commercials

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