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The Brief

Produce a film to promote the new innovation hub being built on London’s redeveloped Olympic Park

Here East

We created two films

...the first is a teaser film to whet the audience’s appetite, and the
second is a more linear overview of the new scheme. 

We used a range of techniques to make these films feel fresh, unique and memorable, from building a giant robot head to creating a unique, unconventional soundscape

Building the robot

Building the robot was a huge undertaking. Legendary robot creator, John Nolan, and his team built it over several months painstakingly making sure the robot's face could closely simulate a human's facial expressions. We wanted it to look as fully autonomous as possible

John Nolan 

The robot head quickly become an integral part of Here Easts on-going campaign and was a crowd favourite at events 

unfortunately the robot head had to be dismantled after it became self aware during a impromptu photo-op with Boris Johnson

On Set

Tim Green was our Director of Photography for both films. 

He helped create the pulsating array of circular lighting in the teaser film and the harsh intensity of the chair interviews in the overview film 

Tim Green

Hardcore Techno

The only way to create the single "Pull Back" shot in the teaser was to use a telescopic 30ft Techno Crane mounted to a MAG TRUCK. Big toys for a fun shoot

The Bigger Picture

The aim of this film was to attract young and innovative minds to the Here East creative hub. Their goal was to attract the makers of tomorrow and integrate them with innovators of today

The Hot Seat

We dubbed the interview set-up the Hot Seat. The idea was to create a Mastermind style Q & A set-up with the camera rolling the entire time. It was intense. 

We didn't do this to scare our interviewees but to elicit a real, spontaneous response. Each interviewee had only ten minutes to answer all our questions

BT Sports

Here East wanted to highlight one of their early adopters in the newly created innovation hub, and it was agreed that BT Sport are a great advert for what can be achieved in the new venue