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The Brief

Direct the global 3D IMAX commercial for the 'Open Your World' campaign


The Campaign

The Open Your World campaign was one of Heineken's biggest and most ambitious campaigns to date. It was recognised around the world and could be seen on the door of a London taxi to a giant billboard in Times Square

Top Italian advertising agency Publicis Italy bought us in to direct the 3D IMAX 60-second global spot. It was an international collaboration with the creative made in Italy, produced and filmed on location in London with post and SFX completed at renowned post-house BUF in Paris. As the directors we were with the project every step of the way

A series of beautifully detailed

pre-visualisations / key frames

were created before we began the animatic

Animatic 1

Early animatics have a more chilled vibe and tone

Animatic 3

As we progress we play with pace, tone, and music. We see what might or might not work as we start to craft our shot list

No detail was overlooked when creating the final New York rooftop party scene

Cut Downs

As extremely versatile directors we also edited 30 second and 15 second cut downs for TV