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The Brief

Create a piece of branded content to help raise awareness of Google Streetview.


This branded content film for Google is one of our more famous films. The idea was to create an emotional connection between the viewer and Google Streetview – a service that’s seen as quite techy and dry. Our idea was to actually animate Google Streetview and weave a simple story around this. We took the direction of what if Street View was used to visit places you can't reach yourself? This was the heart of the film from which we built our story. To date it’s been viewed over 6m times across social media, and has won over 50 awards.

Stats and Impact

With no marketing campaign behind it Address is Approximate has had over 6 MILLION hits worldwide with over 1 MILLION hits in the first week.

Address is Approximate was voted one of the BEST VIDEOS OF ALL TIME on Vimeo and also won the prestigious WEBBY Award for BEST VIRAL. 

It was a massive boost, all round, when the CO-FOUNDER of GOOGLE, LARRY PAGE, tweeted his thoughts on our film... 

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Just watched this mini movie. It's poetic and charming so wanted to share it --StreetView meets Toy Story. 

Larry Page - Founder of Google

Google street view became more than just a tool

But, what got us the most was how this film resonated with so many people around the world. We received so many personal messages from people saying how Address is Approximate had touched or moved them. 

Address is Approximate exceeded all our expectations. It won a Webby Award, took the Film Circuit by storm, was written about in the Huffington Post, Wired and other publications and even got a tweet from Google-inventor Larry Page himself. 

Address is Approximate even had a spate of copy-cat videos with YouTubers making their own version of our film. Address is Approximate introduced a large audience to Google Street View and got people talking about it.