Theory online... 10 December 2009

As you can see, we’ve finally finished our new website. The main idea was to give you a better showcase of our work, along with the work of our roster of directors. On our work page you’ll find the best bits of all our current work, along with extra information about each project.

Take a look at our us page where you’ll find a brief history of the theory and why we’re right for you. We’ve made some short films to tell you how and why we’re made the way we are, and how our foundations are built on helping you achieve everything you want using visual communications.

Our informal catchphrase here at theory towers is that ‘we make stuff people want to watch’…not the catchiest of catchphrases but one that sums up what we’re about pretty well. Take a look at our films and our directors work and see for yourself.

So, until we meet in person, all the best.

Tom and Simon. Head theorists.